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Aerogen CEO, John Power, was named the European Entrepreneur of the Year at the RSM Awards in Milan, Europe’s largest and most significant cross-sector business recognition programme.

This award goes to the outstanding individual who can best demonstrate exceptional vision and leadership in the establishment and development of an owner-led business.

The judges look for evidence of the identification of a market opportunity, the ability to organise and apply the resources, the ability to engage and inspire others and the commitment required to optimise the opportunity to achieve a very positive commercial outcome.

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New approach can lead to fresh perspectives and innovations in model based on Stanford programme

Why do you do things a particular way? Is it because you have always done them that way? Fresh eyes can offer new perspectives and innovations, and that is the premise behind BioInnovate Ireland.

The programme for medtech innovation immerses teams in clinical environments for weeks on end so they can spot problems, come up with solutions and start developing them commercially.

Running since 2011, BioInnovate Ireland has become a “start-up engine”, according to Ian Quinn, founder of Irish medtech company Creganna and a former chair of BioInnovate Ireland’s advisory committee.

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The Irish Times takes a look at the top course in Irish Universities

Spotlight on . . . BioInnovate

Not one of the top five courses at NUI Galway, but it’s on the way there – and it is one of the most interesting. This 10-month, full-time programme appeals to people across a range of professions who are looking for a change in direction. For instance, a lot of doctors who are fed up looking at people’s tonsils do this course to get into an area where they can use their brains in a different way. It’s also appealing to engineers and business people who have a hankering to be entrepreneurs.

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“More than a quarter of all men have symptomatic Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) by the age of 50 and by age 80, approximately 80 per cent of men will suffer from the condition. It’s not life threatening but it can have a devastating effect on their quality of life,” says Dr Conor Harkin, founder of medtech start-up ProVerum, which has developed an innovative solution to the problem.

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