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Key Facts about Irish Medtech Sector

Source: Irish Medical Device Association

  • Currently 250 medical technology companies in Ireland, exporting €8bn worth of product annually and employing 25,000 people - the highest number of people working in the industry in any country in Europe, per head of population.
  • Exports of medical devices and diagnostics products now represent 8.5% of Ireland’s total merchandise exports.
  • Many of the world’s top medical technology companies have invested significantly in Ireland and a number of exciting, research-based, indigenous companies are emerging and competing internationally.
  • 50% of the companies in the sector are indigenous (ref Enterprise Ireland).
  • The Irish government has identified the medical technology sector as one of the key drivers of industrial growth for the future and provides a wide range of supports to encourage and foster this growth.
  • The medical technology industry in Ireland is changing from being prominently manufacturing to being more complex and driven by R&D. It now involves intensive collaboration between a broad range of partners, including research institutions, clinicians, manufacturing companies and government agencies.

Some key European facts/ figures:

  • There are almost 22,500 medical technology companies in EU, employing nearly 500,000 employees, with annual sales of €95 billion*.
  • The medical technology industry produces over 500,000 individual products, in 10,000 generic groups*.
  • 80% of medical technology companies are SMEs*.
  • In excess of €7.6 billion euro is invested in R&D by medical technology companies annually*.
  • A new European medtech patent is filed every 38 minutes*.

*Sources: Eucomed and OECD 2010; European Patent Office 2006

Medtech maps:

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Medtech Key Facts

Learn about the Irish Medical Technology Sector by reading our key facts article.