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Michael is curious! And having visited many A/E Departments with rugby injuries he always wanted to know what went on behind the curtains in hospitals. This curiosity lead Michael to become a nurse and he started his training in 1994. Michael qualified as a registered general nurse in 1998 from St. Vincent’s University Hospital Dublin. He commenced working in the operating theatres and gained valuable insights into surgical care and the technical aspect of same, he spent 5 years in this area and during this time gained valuable experience in general, Genito-urinary, vascular, ENT and orthopaedic surgeries. He became involved in haematology and oncology at St. James Hospital where he added medicine to his knowledge of operating theatres and finished his nursing career in 2006 with gerontology. Shortly after finishing nursing Michael began his studies of Law at Griffith College Dublin where he graduated with an honours degree with a specialist interest in intellectual property. Following his graduation Michael became involved in the medical devices industry and worked as a product specialist with a custom surgical kit manufacturer and was responsible for all clinical aspects of the companies work and also in design of bespoke surgical drapes and angiographic consumable equipment. During this role he was the clinical lead in development of a medical device involved with operating room lighting systems. He then moved to a more education focused role with a large multinational pharmaceutical company and was responsible for educating clinical staff on the use of medication management systems, during this time he also developed intravenous consumables that directly answered clinical needs in the operating room. Michael then became involved in distribution of medical devices with large Irish distributors and had responsibility for bringing a new range of enteral feeding products into the Irish market, to assist with market penetration he developed a training programme with royal college of surgeons. He has also invented a medical device directly related to naso gastric feeding. Michael is a family man and enjoys showing his family the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle, he builds and paddles Canadian canoes in his spare time and also manages to keep a rose garden free of greenfly.


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