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Fergal Ward

Fergal has spent 12 years delivering innovative new products into global Blue Chip and Fortune 500 customers. Fergal has a passion for high-tech startups and has previously worked as an engineer, product leader, team leader and research director. Fergal has experience in innovating new telecoms platforms for Intune Networks and delivering disruptive telecoms solutions to some of the world's biggest telecoms operators. Fergal also has experience in innovating new enterprise SaaS and predictive analytics solutions for Boxever LTD and delivering into some of biggest airlines and online travel companies. Fergal graduated with Bachelor and Masters degrees in Engineering from DIT and in 2004 conducted research into the fields of wireless biomedical sensors. Upon completion of his degrees, Fergal undertook a research scholarship in NASA. Fergal completed the BioInnovate programme in 2016 and has since been successful in securing an Enterprise Ireland commercialisation grant to develop a solution for the global chronic pain markets.



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